Tulum Trip




The day trip to Tulum will be on Monday May 26th and costs approximately $55 USD.  This trip will be a full day.

This cost will cover the transporatation, the trip to Tulum (entry into the area), guide,  a visit to a cenote and Akumal for snorkeling.

 The snorkeling equipment will cost $5-8 USD extra.  Lunch will be an extra cost.

The following is the list of people attending thus far:

Danielle Allemeersch

Nico Donkers

Pierre and Catherine De Winter

Antho and Magda Khoury

Thomas and Valentine Kessler

Julie Bruylants

Xavier Lefebvre

Auré and Ben Van der Straeten

Martine Petit

Cedric Bounemeaux

Charles Buysschaert

Caroline Allemeersch

Laurent Simonet

Benoit and Anne-Marie Bruylants

Naomi Gregerson

Bolaji Ajao

Irene Hellie

Jessica Root

Antoine Allemeersch


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