To Do – English

There are many attractions in the area.  Here is a sample of what to do in and around Playa Del Carmen:

5th AVENUE – Area in downtown Playa with many restaurants, bars and clubs

TULUM – Tulum is one of the best preserved pre-Columbian Mayan ruins near the coast.  There are various day trips to Tulum, and you can enquire at BRIC Hotel about tours to the area.


CENOTES – Cenotes are water caves, sometimes with waterfalls where people can snorkel or scubadive.  There are various famous cenotes in the area, and many can be visited on day trips.  Enquire with reception at BRIC Hotel about tours in the area.


FERRY TO COZUMEL- Cozumel is a nearby island with great scuba diving and you can take a ferry from South Playa for roughly $14 USD.  You can also walk around the town of San Miguel, or visit the local beach clubs in the area.


XCARET ECO PARK- A theme park and resort with underground rivers, cenotes, dolphins you can swim with, and live entertainment.


CHICHEN ITZA – A Mayan City with many temples and cenotes where pre-Columbian Maya sacrificed objects and people to worship to the Maya rain gods.  Chichen Itza is about a 4 hour bus ride from Playa, so this would indeed be a day trip.  Well worth the effort:


SNORKEL / SCUBA DIVE –  You can ask the reception at BRIC Hotel about good scuba diving tours, but the one below looks good.





GET DRUNK ON THE BEACH! – Just don’t forget to hydrate! And please do not drink the tap water!!!

tap water



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